Nature's Best Hope

Nature's Best Hope

Nature’s Best Hope


In Natures Best Hope, Doug Tallamy takes topics from his popular book Bringing Nature Home (Workman Publishing, 2009) and expands upon them. He explains, with examples and statistics, what is happening to the ecological systems around us, and why we should care. This book is geared toward the private landowner – not one whose primary landscaping concern is how green their lawn is – but one who could also be convinced to be concerned about the alarming decline of birds, insects, and other wildlife.

Gardeners at all experience levels will gain inspiration and pointers from this book, but it is not a step-by-step guide to designing a wildlife garden. Beyond a few examples, it doesn’t tell you which plant species you should use. Those choices depend on your region and site conditions. Tallamy offers resources: places to go to find that information, and guidelines on where to start. He suggests ways to layer plant types to get more benefit out of small spaces, and how to maintain them.



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