Gardening for the Birds

Gardening for the Birds

Gardening for the Birds


Watching the swooping mating dance of a ruby-throated hummingbird or listening to the melodic whistle of a lark bunting puts us in touch with nature in a way that is often missing from our daily lives. Birds bring color, movement, and song to the garden and take away insect pests.

You may already have a bird feeder in your yard, but you can attract a far wider range of species, and they will stay longer, if you create a bird-friendly landscape. Gardening for the Birds shows you how. With the right native plants, arranged to mimic natural ecosystems, you will provide birds with food, water, shelter, and nesting places. Instead of just visiting your garden to snack, birds will call it home.

With hundreds of native plants, extensive seasonal bloom and fruiting charts, and the techniques for creating a balanced ecosystem, this book helps you turn any space—from a small, urban terrace to a large suburban yard—into a home for a fascinating variety of birds.



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