Epilobium canum ‘Everett’s Choice’

Epilobium canum ‘Everett’s Choice’

Everett’s Choice California Fuchsia


  • One of the lowest growing of all of the fuchsias
  • Fuzzy grey foliage
  • Seldom reaches past 6″ in height
  • Vivid red-orange tubular flowers
  • Magnet to hummingbirds
  • Does best with some afternoon shade in hot inland gardens
  • Drought tolerant but does best with a deep summer watering every couple of weeks after establishment
  • Deer resistant
  • Tolerates almost any soil type

For more information go to https://calscape.org/Epilobium-‘Everett’s-Choice’-(Everett’s-Choice-California-Fuchsia)

Photo Courtesy of Calflora Nursery


1 gallon, 2 inch, 4 inch

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