Ceanothus ‘Ray Hartman’

Ceanothus ‘Ray Hartman’

Ray Hartman Ceanothus


  • Cultivated hybrid of Ceanothus arboreus and Ceanothus griseus
  • Dark green glossy leaves, and grows quickly up to 15 feet in height and 10 feet in width
  • Blue flowers range from powder blue to dark blue.
  • Easiest to grow of all the Ceanothus cultivars in California
  • Grows reliably throughout the state in both coastal and interior areas
  • Tolerates fairly dry soil and naturalizes well in areas with just a little more than average soil moisture during the dry season
  • Tolerates supplemental irrigation up to once per week
  • Deer love it and rats also seem to be attracted to this plant

Photo courtesy of gardenia.net


1 gallon, 4 inch

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