Calochortus albus

Calochortus albus

Fairy Lantern

  • Stems are erect, to arching, slender, glaucous, and simple to branching
  • Leaves are on stems or basal; one long basal leaf is present during blooming, along with several leaves on the stems.
  • Leaves measure between 8 and 30 inches in length, and 0.5 and 2 inches in width.
  • Flowers are borne in groups of 1- 2- many
  • Flowers: Delicate, pendent, nodding, 0.75 inch to 1-inch closed orbs of pearly white, to pink, to deep pink, red, occasionally greenish.
  • Flowers from late March to early July
  • Dormant after flowering period
  • Low moisture requirements; do not irrigate once established
  • Attracts butterflies and moths
  • Found in shady to open woods and scrub, partially shaded grasslands, exposed coastal bluffs and often found in rocky places in the foothill woodlands, yellow pine forests, and chaparral.

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