Upcoming Plant Sales

Fall Online Native Plant Sale
~ September 2022 ~

Online ordering:
~Mid-September 2022

Drive-thru pickups at Elderberry Farms:
All pickups will be on one or more Sundays starting a week after the sale ends

Use the  button at right to browse the entire list of plants we grow and sell. Not all plants will be available at every sale. The site will show which plants will be for sale about one week before the upcoming sale starts.

Volunteer Here!

The native plant sale is one of our best opportunities to connect our community members with their community of native plants. We have a wide variety of positions available. Currently we are looking for:

  • Plant Puller – help us gather the orders and bring them to the pickup area
  • Plant Loader – help us get the plants from the pickup tables into customers’ cars
  • Customer Service Specialists – greet all customers and call in their orders

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please reach out to Lorena at [email protected]. I am looking forward to hearing from you and working with you all out there in the field.

Pickup Location:

Elderberry Farms Native Plant Nursery
2140 Chase Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95667
On the American River Parkway at Soil Born Farms

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