March 9th Chapter Meeting 7pm

Title of Talk: Jewels of the Garden: California Native Bulbs, Corms & Rhizomes

March 9, 2022 at 7:00 PM

Watch the recording here


This photo-intensive presentation will highlight the reasons for growing our beautiful California native geophytes, what makes them special and the benefits they provide. Attend and learn what is the difference between a bulb, a corm and a rhizome and hear “tips for success” in propagating and gardening with this special group of plants. In addition to a bloom-time calendar, an extensive photo gallery and detailed information will be provided on the most beautiful, beneficial and landscape-worthy species of native bulbs, corms and rhizomes.

Speaker Bios

Nancy and Ames Gilbert are deeply involved in the Redbud Chapter of CNPS, she as Horticulture Chair and active member of the CNPS Nursery team, and he as a digital artist as well as nursery construction and maintenance provider. They were the co-owners of Far West Bulb Farm in Grass Valley for 25 years, specialized in California native geophytes. Both are avid photographers of our native flora, Nancy studying the interactions of wildlife and plants and Ames creating digital artwork based on his and others photographs.

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