January 12th Chapter Meeting 7pm

Title of Talk: California Dogface Butterfly 

the California State Insect


January 12, 2022 at 7:00 PM

Watch the recording here.


Celebrate the 50th anniversary and hear the story of how the California Dogface came to be named the State Insect. Learn about an unusual native plant and its unique role in conserving our endangered butterfly, other plants important to its life history (larval host plant and nectar sources) and distribution and flight period of this iconic insect.

Speaker Bio

Greg is a “self-taught Naturalist”, long-time member of the California Native Plant Society (since the mid 1980’s), a member of the Lepidopterist Society and an associate of the UCDavis Bohart Museum of Entomology who has studied the butterflies of Northern California since the 1970’s. Greg enjoys both collecting and curating butterfly collections, photographing and raising butterflies, and trying to spend his time in the field observing butterflies in nature. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge with groups such as the California Native Plant Society.

Below: Amphora californica and a female just emerged from a chrysalis and expanded wings

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