Homegrown Habitat HOST

Homegrown Habitat Hosts Garden for Wildlife

By incorporating local California Native Plants and other nature friendly practices Habitat Hosts create habitat for birds, bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects.  They help wildlife navigate between natural areas, increase the pollen, nectar and habitat they need. The Hosts share information and photos of their gardens on our website in order to inspire others to do the same. Homegrown Habitat HOST front yards can always be viewed online.

The native plant habitat we protect or add to our landscapes today will determine what life looks like tomorrow. We’re all part of the web of life.

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Look for “Native Plants Live Here” signs with these Habitat Host stickers on them. Example of Sign  The QR code or website address will lead you to much more information about the garden using the so you can see information. Each HOST Garden includes their plant list, information about the garden’s development and a description, photos and other comments. 

Carmichael 95608

Host: Carmichael – Garden Description: This shady Carmichael front yard now screens the street giving us some privacy in the burbs.  It is her place to watch her favorite plants and the wildlife they attract year-round. North facing, filtered sun, trees, bushes, perennials and annuals attract birds, pollinators and butterflies and more!   Chris’s intro to her garden (pdf link); Plant list (pdf link); Photo Slideshow (pdf link)

Orangevale 95662

Host: Orangevale – Garden Description: Filtered sun, low water, many bushes and trees, attracts birds, pollinators and butterflies.  This rain garden captures water from the property, as well as the street and directs it to flow through two separate basins to slow and sink the water before it flows off the property.  Colene’s intro to her garden (pdf link); Plant list (pdf link); Photos Slideshow (pdf link)

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