Gardens Gone Native Tour


The annual garden tour is back! Apply now through Jan 15, 2023 for the April 29, 2023 tour.  See below for garden criteria.

The purpose of the Gardens Gone Native (GGN) Tour is to support the mission of the CNPS SacValley Chapter by raising awareness of the beauty and environmental functions of California’s diverse native plants.  Our goal is to provide members of our community with the opportunity to view outstanding examples of native plant gardens, promote the benefits and use of California natives in home and public gardens, and provide information on how to plant and successfully grow native plants. 

Criteria for Inclusion in the Tour 

The GGN committee selection of which gardens to include on the tour each year is based on a number of factors outlined below:

  • The garden contains a minimum of 50% California native plants based on area of coverage, number of native plant species/individuals, or both. Cultivars of California natives are acceptable. 
  • The garden gives an overall visual impression of being primarily devoted to California native plants. 
  • The stage of development of the garden is taken into consideration, as extremely young or new gardens may require an initial establishment period before being ready for the tour. 
  • The garden appears maintained and cared for. 
  • The garden will inspire and instruct tour participants.  Gardens that have teachable aspects such as greywater systems or key features demonstrating water efficiency may be preferred. 
  • The gardens on the tour cover a variety of habitats and focuses on residential landscaping. 
  • Finally, the location of the garden in relation to other gardens on the tour is considered.  Past experience has shown that tour participants prefer to visit a grouping of gardens that are close together rather than isolated gardens. 

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