Field Trips

Field Trips will resume in March 2023. Check back soon for updates.

The Sacramento Valley Chapter periodically organizes field trips to view plants in locations further away from Sacramento. Field trips are often held either in the Sierras or along the western edge of the Sacramento Valley.

Where and When

To find out when the next trip will be scheduled, you can check this page, or contact Paul Watts @ to be added to the Field Trips email list. Once your email address is included on the list, you will receive updates about upcoming trips (if you signed up for the email list in 2017, 2018, or 2019 or attended a field trip during that period of time, you will automatically be included on the current email list). When signing up for the email list, please specify whether you are interested in Saturday or Sunday trips and Monday or Tuesday spring trips.

Until our field trips resume, here are some great places to explore on your own within our chapter and beyond.

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