Nimbus Flat, Folsom SRA

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Waiver and Sign-up required.

You MUST sign an Electronic Liability Waiver in advance for Sacramento Valley CNPS Friday Walks. This is a permanent change required by CNPS statewide. Note that this Waiver is for Sacramento Valley CNPS Friday Walks only and does not cover Sacramento Valley CNPS Field Trips nor any Events or Field Trips offered by other CNPS Chapters. The only difference with the Sacramento Valley CNPS Friday Walks Liability Waiver is that once signed it is valid through the end of the current calendar year.  Email John Schmidt to receive a Waiver form.
For now the Friday Walks will also have a limit on the number of participants. Initially the limit is 20 attendees plus 1 leader.

NOTE: Starting time returns to 9:15am for local walks until the summer of 2023.


Walks held unless heavy rain, extreme heat or very poor air quality are forecast. Cancellation notices posted by 7PM Thursday evening.

Friday, March 3, 9:15am-11:45am, Nimbus Flat, Folsom SRA

Note: If this is your first Friday Walk in 2023 read the Waiver and Sign-up section at the top of the Friday Walks page.

Join us for a late winter walk along the south shoreline of Lake Natoma from near Nimbus Dam to the bluff about 1/4 mile east of the the old pump station on Lake Natoma. Most of the walk is very flat on dirt or the bike trail with a mix of sun and shade except for the short rocky climb up to the bluff after the old pump station. Paul Watts will be leading this Friday Walk.  While scouting Wednesday afternoon a number of native plants were seen in bloom including Amsinckia sp?, Aristolochia californica, Dipterostemon capitatus, Lomatium sp?, Micranthes californica, Plagiobothrys nothofulvus and Thysanocarpus curvipes.  For more information email John Schmidt or cell phone 916-500-8456.

Bring water, sunscreen, snack, a warm layer and hat.  The forecast is for a dry Friday.

Parking at Nimbus Flat is $10 or use a State Park Pass. If you haven’t been to Nimbus Flat before you might want to check the linked map below.

Meet at the smaller second Nimbus Flat parking lot. There is a short road separating the main parking lot from the back parking lot. There are rest facilities adjacent to both parking lots.

Use the directions below or the map.

Driving directions from Sacramento.
– Travel east on Highway 50.
– Take exit 21 – Hazel Avenue.
– Pass the first traffic light at Hwy 50 West exit and Tributary Point Dr.
– Take the first right after the traffic light at the sign for Nimbus Flat and the Park and Ride lot.
– Pass the entrance kiosk. Self-register if no one is there.
– Follow the park road along the edge of the first parking lot.
– At the second Stop sign about two-thirds of the way around turn right and follow this road into the second parking area.
– Meet at the far end past the rest facilities.

There is also a free Park and Ride at Hazel Avenue about 50 yards from the entrance kiosk at Nimbus Flat. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the Park and Ride to the meeting location.

Limited Use State Park Pass information. This pass will be useful on Fall Friday Walks after Labor Day Weekend.
The Gold District Field Office of California State Parks is one location where you can purchase a Golden Bear Limited Use State Park Pass (62 and older). The $20 Limited Use State Park Pass is valid through December 31, 2023 for California State Parks. Some of the fall Friday Walks will be at Folsom SRA access areas Nimbus Flat, Negro Bar, Salmon Falls, Brown’s Ravine, Beals Point, Granite Bay and Horseshoe Bar. Friday Walks might visit Quarry Trail or North Fork Dam Trail in Auburn SRA, though the recent Bridge Fire might exclude these areas. Regular daily parking in these areas is $10-12/day. Click here for more information on State Park passes. The Limited Use Passes are at the bottom of the web page.




Mar 03 2023


9:15 am - 11:45 am


Friday Walks


John Schmidt
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