Beeks Bight, Folsom SRA

Waiver and Sign-up required.

Welcome to the new Friday Walks returning after an 18 month health recess. With the return are a few new Rules:
You MUST sign an Electronic Liability Waiver in advance for Sacramento Valley CNPS Friday Walks. This is a permanent change required by CNPS statewide. Note that this Waiver is for Sacramento Valley CNPS Friday Walks only and does not cover Sacramento Valley CNPS Field Trips nor any Events or Field Trips offered by other CNPS Chapters. The only difference with the Sacramento Valley CNPS Friday Walks Liability Waiver is that once signed it is valid through the end of the current calendar year.  Email John Schmidt to receive a Waiver form.
For now the Friday Walks will also have a limit on the number of participants. Initially the limit is 20 attendees plus 1 leader. Only 3 new to Friday Walks attendees can sign up for each walk. If your name appears on a sign in sheet after January 1, 2013 you are not considered a new attendee.

Walks held unless there is heavy rain, extreme heat or very poor air quality. Cancellation notices posted by 7 PM Thursday evening if the forecast is unfavorable


Friday, April 28, 9:30am – 12:30pm. Beeks Bight, Folsom SRA

Jpoin us on our first Friday Walk to Beeks Bight in 2023.  The following plants were seen in bloom Monday morning: Achillea millefolium, Amsinckia menziesii, Asclepias cordifolia nearing bloom, Calochortus albus , Ceanothus cuneatus, Claytonia perfoliata, Clematis lasiantha, Clematis ligusticifolia, Diplacus aurantiacus, Dipterostemon capitatus, Eriodictyon californicum, Erythranthe guttata, Eschscholzia californica, Eschscholzia lobbii, Lithophragma ?sp, Lupinus benthamii, Lupinus bicolor, Lupinus nanus, Nemophila heterophylla, Nemophila maculata, Plagiobothrys nothofulvus, Plagiobothrys ?sp, Ranunculus ?sp, Sanicula bipinnatifida, Sanicula crassicaulis, Scrophularia californica, Tauschia hartwegii, Thysanocarpus curvipes, and Triteleia ixioides. Plants seen on the optional climb after the main walk were Castilleja foliolosa, Dichelostemma volubile, Erysimum capitatum, and Streptanthus tortuosus.  From there we’ll  cross over to Doton’s Point on a lower trail and then ascend the eastern ridge of Doton’s Point.  This is a great place to walk and see a diversity of plants and birds. Meet at the Beeks Bight parking area in Folsom Lake SRA. For more information, email John Schmidt or phone 916-500-8456.

Bring water, hat, snack, and layered protection. A walking stick might be useful.
Park entrance fee is $12 or a current State Park Pass.

When arriving to scout the walk about 10:30 Monday morning, over half the parking spaces were used.  You might want to ride with others if possible.  Text or email John if interested in meeting just off Douglas Blvd. about 100 yards east of Auburn Folsom Rd. around 9:10am.

Use the linked map or directions below.
Directions from downtown Sacramento
– I-80 East to Douglas East (exit 103A)
– Continue east on Douglas to the Granite Bay entrance on Park Rd.
– Pass the entrance kiosk. Self-register if no one is there.
– Once in the park follow the signs to Beeks Bight.
– We’ll meet in the Parking lot at the end of the road.
-It’s about a 10 minute drive from the park entrance to Beeks Bight parking area.

There are restroom facilities at the meeting location.

Please try to be on time. We’ll start walking by 9:45am.
There is normally no cell reception at the meeting area.  However having just replaced my 7 year old cell phone with the new Samsung I was able to send and receive both text messages and phone calls.

Click here for more info on state park passes.
Limited Use State Park Pass information is near the bottom of the web page. This annual pass is useful on Friday Walks except during the summer.
The Gold District Field Office of California State Parks is one location where you can purchase a Limited Use Golden Bear State Park Pass (62 and older). The $20 Limited Use State Park Pass is valid from January 1, 2022 thru Thursday, May 26, 2022 and then from September 6 thru December 31, 2022 for California State Parks.  Regular daily parking in these areas is $12/day in State Recreation Areas.  There should be 5 or more Friday Walks in Folsom and Auburn SRA including Friday’s walk at Beeks Bight before December 31, 2023.




Apr 28 2023


9:30 am - 12:30 pm


John Schmidt
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