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Elderberry Farms Native Plant Nursery


Elderberry LOGO with VELB1We are a growing operation as well as a Nursery.  We collect seeds and cuttings on our Friday Walks from native plants along the American River Parkway.  Then we propagate them at the Nursery.  Local Native Plants need more growers - either new Nurseries or expand the Native Plant selection in a larger operation.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested.    

Elderberry Farms’ mission is to promote awareness of the benefits of native plant habitat, encourage community involvement, and provide a source of organically grown local native plants for school & community gardens, restoration projects and home gardens.

  Information Card  These cards are meant for outreach events and businesses.  You can pick up a supply of them at the Nursery.


     Specialized relationships between animals and plants are the norm in nature rather than the exception. Plants that evolved in concert with local animals provide for their needs better than plants that evolved elsewhere. These specialized food relationships determine the stability and complexity of the local food webs that support animal diversity. It is important to restore biodiversity to make our landscapes functioning ecosystems once again.
     An important component of productive ecosystems is a diverse and abundant community of pollinators. Native bees, butterflies and moths are pollinators in our landscapes providing important ecological roles. Managing landscapes in this crowded world carries both moral and ecological responsibilities that we can no longer ignore.
     Also many bird populations in the U.S. are in steep decline, in part because our gardens and managed landscapes occupy more space than natural areas and we have not designed them with birds in mind. To do that we can no longer view plants only as ornaments but must consider all of their roles when selecting them for our landscapes.    (Excerpts from Douglas Tallamy’s Bringing Nature Home, How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants)  Listen to an interview with Douglas Tallamy on YOU TUBE.



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PLANTS WE GROW LIST      Pollinator Attracting Plants LIST 


Nursery Workdays

Greenhouse ready

10:00 - 1:00  We work year-round each Wednesday.  When it's hot, we work under the shade of Sycamores!  When it rains we work in the Greenhouse!           

   Join us for propagation work on Wednesdays and help pot up seedlings and learn various propagating techniques under the excellent direction of Robin Rietz, Propagation Manager. We treat volunteers to Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches (you're also welcome to bring your own lunch)! RSVP to Chris, via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

     The nursery is operated entirely by volunteers from Sacramento Valley Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS). Volunteers are always encouraged to become members of CNPS (of course!) but membership is not required to volunteer.

      We also work in our demonstration gardens on Wednesdays.  These are small sized landscapes that show others how to effectively use native plants in their own landscape. We need the help of community volunteers to maintain them. Please bring gloves and water. Tools and Snacks will be provided.  Also Soil Born Farms’ wildlife-friendly hedgerows in the crop fields are an example of conservation-based agriculture.  These require special attention sometimes.  Let me know if this interests you.

2nd Sunday Workdays - each month Pat Gilbert leads a workday from 10:00 - 11:00.  For more information or to sign up for the February 8th Workday, contact Pat via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




SPECIAL EVENT:  BUTTERFLY WAYSTATION!  More to do... join us!  Contact our project partners at: Grow Water

(download Monarch Waystation Poster) Elderberry Farms and Grow Water are partnering to create a water-efficient Monarch Waystation in Soil Born Farms' Outdoor Classroom.  Check out our Grow Water designed earthwork for the Butterfly Waystation!   (Link to Nectar and Host Plants for Butterflies)

Grow Water at Butterfly Waystation site

20141217 Planted sized












Chris Lopez, Rodger Sargent, and Tara Sheen access Waystation site.               Butterfly Waystation earthworks complete and planted.



When do we sell our plants?

     Our plants are sold at at the Fall Plant Sale in McKinley Park each September, some Soil Born events and at Wildflower Wonders the 3rd Saturday in April. We also sell plants between 10AM and NOON during our weekly Wednesday Workdays and our once monthly Sunday Workday.   (Checks are preferred.)  We do not sell seeds, we only collect enough seeds for our propagation operation.  Consider volunteering, we can always use the help!



MAP to Nursery

Nursery Site Map

Nursery Location: 2140 Chase Drive , Rancho Cordova , 95670 on the American River Parkway at Soil Born Farms' American River Ranch.  Check out our landlord/partner Soil Born Farms.

When you drive in, follow driveway to the designated Parking Area (please park here unless you are picking up or delivering materials to the Nursery). Walk past the Farm Stand, then past the duplex. The Nursery is just beyond and behind the duplex. (The Nursery is on your left.)

BIKING DIRECTIONS from the American River Parkway bike path. Soil Born Farms is adjacent to the bike path between mile markers 15 and 15.5. Turn off the bike path into Hagan Park, and exit Hagan Park by the parking kiosk. Turn immediately into the driveway on the right and enter Soil Born Farms. Then bike/walk to the Nursery. BUS ROUTE BUS DIRECTIONS: The nearest Bus Line: 21 Coloma Rd & Dolecetto Dr (EB), then walk to 2130 Chase Drive.


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Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op - Make Every Day Earth Day Program 

Sacramento Natural Foods Coop SNF logo


1900 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95816

Every time you bring in your own bag or choose to not use one, the Co-op donates five cents to non-profit environmental groups. You will receive a token at the register to donate to one of six local organizations. The California Native Plant Society is one of the participating environmental groups.  

Choose CNPS!  :-)



2014 was a very good year! Nursery Directors Robin Rietz, Betsy Weiland and Chris Lewis want to thank these dedicated and dependable people who volunteered over 50 hours at the Nursery in 2014: ALEX MORTON, Alex Venegas, Becky Rivera, Carole Gates, Jim Wadsworth, John Schmidt, Mary Ann Robinson, Mary Schiedt, Mike Finan, Nadia Zane, Pat Gilbert, and Steve Woodward.
And thank you to all of our other valuable volunteers, without all of you we could never do the volume of work we do! Alan Kilgore, Amanda Vasquez, Anna Meier, Annie Kempees, Ashton Smith, Bill (from Camping World), Bobbi & Will King, Brenda Lewis, Carol Crofoot, Chris Lopez, Dan & Doria Keister, Dana Hendersen, Dave Andrews, Dean Mortensen, Diane Boul, Donna Preston, Donnela Wingfield, Elena Delacy, Eria Garnica, Gabbi, George Sannadan, Huab Xiong, Ivy Gallegos, Jacqueline Hamilton, Jami Rains, Joanne & Gil Schoefer, Joaquin Fioresi, Karina Lopez, Kathryn Olson, Kathy Henion, Kevin & Marvin & Lynne Gong, Joanne & Scott Carpenter, Karen, Lily, and Nathan Bearson, Lorena Dunham, Leticia Morris, Maria Mehboob, Mary Beth Metcalf, Nadia Peralta, Naivasha, Nancy Joye, Nicole Carpenter, Nyonnoweah Greene, Pavi (Pavithra Sundaravaradan), Rachel Freund, Rob Wilson, Robin Rogerson, Rodger Sargent, Tara Sheen, Terrance Foreman, Tina Lemmons, Tony Duke, Vicki Mongan, and Yvonne Ellis.



Soil Born logo

connecting food, health & the environment

PO Box 661175, Sacramento, CA 95866  (916) 363-9685

Growwater LOGO Planting Solutions, Growing Community

4005 Manzanita Ave. Suite 6 #405, Carmichael, CA 95608  (916) 668-0875

We are in a drought.  We need to be smart about the water we use.  One obvious source of water is our Grey Water.  Please consider signing this LAUNDRY TO LANDSCAPE Petition. The petition asks our electeds to institue a rebate program to home owners and business owners who choose to water their gardens with washing machine water.  Grow Water leaders Chris Lopez, Rodger Sargent, and Tara Sheen designed and installed a Water Harvesting Design for our Butterfly Waystation in Soil Born’s Outdoor Classroom adjacent to the Nursery.  Grow Water leaders generously shared their time and expertise with us.




 A Short History - in Powerpoint.  (PHOTOS COMING SOON!)


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NOTE: Friday Walks have moved to their own page on this website - under Events & Field Trips.  Here is a link toRed wing black bird Jim Wadsworth's Flickr Albums.  Jim photographs most of our Friday Walks.  


Jim shot this photo of the Red Wing Blackbird on a pond.