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Wildflower Wonders 2015 

Save the Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015

- FREE PLANT if you join CNPS or renew your CNPS membership, then choose a plant from Elderberry Farms!

- 2140 Chase Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 on the American River Parkway at Soil Born Farms   WW 2015 Poster jpg


(This webpage for WW 2015 is under construction.)

Wildflower Show, Plant Exhibit, and MORE         

This year’s WW will be a showcase of native plants in their natural habitats of our greater Sacramento region.  

Plant Community Expert Naturalists and Exhibitors                             

- Riparian Woodlands, Bonnie Ross                                                    

- Vernal Pools, Tara Collins  MORE INFORMATION   John Hunter Chaparral Exhibit and visitors 179x210

- California Prairie, Glen Holstein, Ph.D

- Chaparral, John Hunter, Ph.D

- Oak Woodlands, Shannon Datwyler, Ph.D and students

- Hawks, Honkers, & Hoots, a wildlife education organization

- Soil Born Farms (with food as well as information!)  

- Ethnobotany, Michelle Stevens, Ph.D and students

- Cordova Creek Project - The Water Forum will give you updates on this important project.



Discovery Zone for all us Kidz (in the Old Schoolhouse) (on-going, all day)

Girl discovering Monarch catepillar David Seals 162x220- Focus on Flowers - several microscopes

- Art table - with flowers in vases posing for the artists!

- Scavenger Hunt table (then go outside to gather for the hunt) Prizes for those who complete!

- Quiet corner - featuring a You-Tube video of the life cycle of the Swallowtail Pipevine Butterfly; plus California Gold’s Huell Howser episodes of Mather Vernal Pools and of the American River Parkway.






Native Plant Sale (on-going, all day)                                

Once again, CNPS Chapter Nursery Elderberry Farms (specializing in locally native plants) will team with wholesale nursery Cornflower Farms (growing plants native to California and the Western U.S. for the wholesale nursery trade) and Hedgerow Farms (growers specializing in Ca native grasses, forbs, sedges and rushes) to bring you a wide variety of native plants for your garden.  We will have an "On-going Drought Tolerant Native Plant Gardening Workshop". This year we’ll have a Professional Landscape Design table: “Ask a Designer”.  APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers) members will solve your design dilemmas.  Bring helpful materials along:  photos of your property, a site map, and observations on whether your spot is shady, or sunny in the morning or afternoon; soil type, photos showing ideas or styles that please you, and lists of existing plants.  We’ll also have BOOKS (BOOK LIST)!  Long window into WW 2014 David Seals



In addition to Soil Born's coffee and wonderful snacks, gourmet picnic food by the legendary Davis Hotdogger will be available for purchase.